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Karen’s coaching gave me and my leadership team insights into how our organization was operating and how we could enhance our leadership practices to increase business effectiveness in our intensely competitive environment. Entire quote...
Steve Gumm,
Vice President
Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

Many teams function together “well enough,” when times are stable.  Teams that truly “soar” are less common, invaluable to the bottom line and key to a
Vision 2020
work culture.

In any team, times of stress, challenge or change can trigger conflict, causing hidden interpersonal “fault lines” to surface.  Often with little advance warning, team tensions can erode productivity, innovation, and performance until significant damage has been done.

Even during stable times, a change in environment, mission, leadership, membership, or resources can cause a team to sputter, stall, or even be grounded. 

True and deep alignment and coherence between members enable teams to soar above any obstacle and continue to produce effectively, under any conditions.

  Karen Noble Consulting & Associates works with clients...  

Karen provided outstanding customized organizational development consulting and executive coaching services to our business for a number of years. Entire quote...
Larry Sherrell, Human Resources Director
Taylor Energy Company, Dallas, Texas
Former HR Director, Texas Instruments

to create an optimized Vision 2020 work culture by building or recalibrating teams to ensure that members are aligned with each other and with management and business goals.

We work with teams in any state or stage of development, with any problem
or challenge, to help turn team limitations into gains.  

We can use a fully-customized diagnostic approach or include some of the most widely-used and effective diagnostic tools to develop a clear picture of your teams’ productivity challenges and dynamics, assess leader competencies and determine how these factors help, or hinder, productivity. 

We will partner with you to create and implement effective solutions based on our clearly-developed snapshot of your team’s particular issues, including: 

  • team conflict
  • low engagement
  • lack of innovation
  • poor morale
  • misalignment between leader and team
  • work-life dissatisfaction or imbalance
  • failure to make the leap to the next level of functioning required to support new business requirements. 

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